The collection is rooted in the early 90s wave of indie movies. Like Gus Van Sant’s My own private Idaho, it’s a visual journey through dust and sand, the road trip most young men see as a rite of passage. The visuals are set in Fire Island Pines and embody the mix of raw architecture and pure nature that relates to the collection, reminiscent of timeless minimalism. The collection uses material fabrics, rugged leather and intense deep colours. This is most apparent in the Ivan Jacket, a minimal shape jacket made in black raw denim. The Yuri Jacket symbolizes the brutal highway esthetic in thick greased black leather with black denim collar. The now iconic Ferris Jacket returns in new warm and earthy shades of suede: chestnut brown, beige and burgundy. A heavy windowpane-check jacquard cotton is used on a varsity shape with leather sleeves (Gabriel Jacket) and on a classic bomber jacket, inspired by workwear industrial fabrics (Sergeï Jacket).

A.P.C. Louis W. spring summer 2015